Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit

04/03/14 12:02:34 | offer | Bands, musicians
We are a large musical instrument trading company, who enjoyed good reputation for many years.all brand new models of Musical instrument such as Saxophone,Drum Set,Trumpet,Keyboard,Guitar,Digital Piano,and many more at very cheap price with complete accessories. We can offer you a reasonable competi ... tive prices!!!! elecctmusic@manager.in.th elecctmusic@europe.com Skype I.D: marco.giannelli81 DRUM-SET: PRICE LIST: Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit......€1950.00 EUR Roland TD-20KX V-Pro Electronic Drum Set------€1650.00 EUR Roland TD-20S V-Pro Electronic Drum Set-------€1550.00 EUR Roland TD-12KX V-Stage Electronic Drum Set-----€1250.00 EUR Roland TD-9SX V-Tour Electronic Drum Set -----€1050.00 EUR Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set---€980.00 EUR Roland TD-3SW V-Compact Drum Set---€750.00 EUR Mapex Pro M 7-Piece Fusion Pop...........€680.00 EUR Mapex Saturn 6-Piece Studio Drum Set..........€950.00 EUR Mapex Orion 6 Piece Acoustic Studio Drum Kit......€980.00 EUR Mapex Saturn Plus Bass Fusion Pop 22 7-Piece........€930.00 EUR Ludwig Classic Maple 4-Piece Drum........€1200.00 EUR Ludwig Accent Fab 4 4-Piece Drum Set.........€750.00 EUR Mapex M Birch Studio 6-Piece Studio Drum Set........€820.00 EUR Pacific LXE Series 5-Piece Tiger Ash Red Finish Drum Set w/ Black Hardware....€900.00 EUR Pearl Masters Premium Birch 4-piece----------€800.00 EUR Tama Superstar 7-Piece Double Bass............€800.00 EUR Yamaha DTXpress IV Special Electronic Drum Set.....500euro Yamaha Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Steel Snare Drum...150euro Yamaha Stage Custom Nouveau 5 Piece Fusion Drum Set with 16 Floor Tom.....300euro Yamaha DTXpress IV Electronic Drum Set...€520euro Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Pad Set...€320euro Yamaha Dave Weckl Signature Snare Drum...€400euro Yamaha Tour Custom Moto-X Shell Pack......€420euro Yamaha DTXtreme IIISP Special Electronic Drum Set....€1100euro Yamaha DTXtreme IIIS Standard Electronic Drum Set.....€900euro Yamaha DTXtreme IIIS Limited Edition Electronic Drum Set..€800euro Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Special Pad Set....€300euro Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Electronic Drum Set-----------€400.00 EUR Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit------------€250.00 EUR Alesis DM10 Pro Kit Electronic Drum Set------------€500.00 EUR Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Set------------€200.00 EUR Alesis DM5 Pro Kit with Surge Cymbals-----------€300.00 EUR Alesis USB Studio Kit Electronic Drum Set-----------€200.00 EUR

Price:1,950 €

Location:Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees


Marco Giannelli

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