Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit

13/10/14 09:16:13 | offer | Percussion
We are importer & exporter dealers on all brand new models of Musical instrument such as DJ Equipment, Saxophone,Drum Set,Trumpet,Keyboard,Guitar,Digital Piano, and many more at very cheap price with complete accessories. We are good /great in selling to bulks buyers and also individuals buyers. ... stocksitems@hotmail.com stocksitemss@gmail.com Skype: businesstalks1 MSN ID: stocksitems@hotmail.com DRUMSET:: Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit......€1950.00 EUR Roland TD-20KX V-Pro Electronic Drum Set------€1650.00 EUR Roland TD-20S V-Pro Electronic Drum Set-------€1550.00 EUR Roland TD-12KX V-Stage Electronic Drum Set-----€1250.00 EUR Roland TD-9SX V-Tour Electronic Drum Set -----€1050.00 EUR Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set---€980.00 EUR Roland TD-3SW V-Compact Drum Set---€750.00 EUR Mapex Pro M 7-Piece Fusion Pop...........€680.00 EUR Mapex Saturn 6-Piece Studio Drum Set..........€950.00 EUR Mapex Orion 6 Piece Acoustic Studio Drum Kit......€980.00 EUR Mapex Saturn Plus Bass Fusion Pop 22 7-Piece........€930.00 EUR Ludwig Classic Maple 4-Piece Drum........€1200.00 EUR Ludwig Accent Fab 4 4-Piece Drum Set.........€750.00 EUR Mapex M Birch Studio 6-Piece Studio Drum Set........€820.00 EUR Pacific LXE Series 5-Piece Tiger Ash Red Finish Drum Set w/ Black Hardware....€900.00 EUR Pearl Masters Premium Birch 4-piece----------€800.00 EUR Tama Superstar 7-Piece Double Bass............€800.00 EUR Yamaha DTXpress IV Special Electronic Drum Set.....500euro Yamaha Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Steel Snare Drum...150euro Yamaha Stage Custom Nouveau 5 Piece Fusion Drum Set with 16 Floor Tom.....300euro Yamaha DTXpress IV Electronic Drum Set...€520euro Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Pad Set...€320euro Yamaha Dave Weckl Signature Snare Drum...€400euro Yamaha Tour Custom Moto-X Shell Pack......€420euro Yamaha DTXtreme IIISP Special Electronic Drum Set....€1100euro Yamaha DTXtreme IIIS Standard Electronic Drum Set.....€900euro Yamaha DTXtreme IIIS Limited Edition Electronic Drum Set..€800euro Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Special Pad Set....€300euro Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Electronic Drum Set-----------€400.00 EUR Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit------------€250.00 EUR Alesis DM10 Pro Kit Electronic Drum Set------------€500.00 EUR Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Set------------€200.00 EUR Alesis DM5 Pro Kit with Surge Cymbals-----------€300.00 EUR Alesis USB Studio Kit Electronic Drum Set-----------€200.00 EUR

Price:1,950 €

Location:Inner London - West


Alessio Carlo

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  Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit..€1950 1,950 € Percussion před 8 lety
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